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You're different. It's not the usual pleasures in life that you feel like you're missing out on. You’re here because you want an escape from expectations, to break away from the mundane. To be in the company of someone who gives you the space and acceptance to just be you. Here, there's no pressure to be on. With me, it's about what you want and what brings you joy. Yes, your success is admirable, and you've earned the accolades and respect. You've devoted everything to your company, your team, your friends and family. But you are also so much more than what you've been acknowledged for. Underneath the surface, I can tell you're yearning for something greater, something different. Just think...

Aurelie Griffith NYC
Aurelie G NYC 3
Aurelie Griffith
Aurelie G
Aurelie G NYC 2

Before Contacting Aurelie:
Please Read Etiquette


Aurelie's Info: 
Rates:  $1500/90MIN






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(917) 592-9369


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The Erotic Review

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