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​Upon initially meeting, you may feel mesmerized or even a bit intimidated by my exotic, modelesque looks and welcoming, outgoing disposition. At first glance you will notice my sultry dark eyes, irresistible full lips and olive skin tone that glows year round. I have long, natural dark hair that glows with slight shades of auburn in the sunlight. I have a curvy, toned figure, with an hourglass waist, a full natural chest, and beautiful legs. My frame is ideal, with curves in all the right places. I have no tattoos or piercings. Personality wise, I would describe myself as witty, charismatic and extroverted. My outgoing nature allows me to get along great with fellow extroverts. My sweet, patient nature allows me to easily bring introverts out of their shell and put any worries at ease. I love to be around people, but I definitely need my alone time to recharge. I have a high intellect level and appreciate the wisdom and confidence of an educated gentleman. I am most definitely a conversationalist. I enjoy talking about world affairs, related news, travel, and whatever other interesting subjects may arise.

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Aurora Moretti
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Before Contacting Aurora:
Please Read Etiquette


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Rates:  $700/HR Incall




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Contact Aurora:

(857) 335-3952


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