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​I was born and raised in South Florida — growing up in one of the sexiest cities in all the world, it's safe to say, I love it and I'm here for it! As a mix of Latin and American, I have the looks of your typical all-American girl with the perks of having Latin curves, and fair/sun-kissed skin (depending on the season). Coming from a busy and versatile city - I exude class, charm, and sophistication with a mix of street-smarts and humor. I am a free spirit with tendencies of being fearless since the day I was born; this combination has lead me on many adventures, Cathy Valencia being my latest. From working odd jobs from a young age to professional, high-level corporate positions and even artistic endeavors I live to explore my many interests. Along the way, I’ve learned to slow down and  enjoy life at every stage and live with a understanding yet care-free mentality. Were we to meet in the hustle of the day-to-day, I’d likely catch your eyes across a crowded street, my long hair loose or in a messy bun, either in gym attire or a crop-top and tight flared leggings running errands around town. Or perhaps you’d spot me walking down the beaches of South Florida in one of my favorite revealing two-piece swimsuits (Miami style) admiring the beauty and simplicities of the world around us.​

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Cathy Valencia
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Rates: $600/HR





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Contact Cathy:

(754) 205-9727


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