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Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes she does! Chaba has the most awesome breasts I think any of us have seen in a very long time. Those tits are ideal for boobie slapping. Don't you think so? Put your face between those huge tits and let Chaba smack your face from side to side -- that's boobie slapping at it's best. That is if you like to be smacked around by big beautiful breasts … Chaba is a companion with some beautiful boobs and if you like big delicious looking boobs, like I do, you will not be disappointed … she got them and she flaunts them


Before Contacting Chaba:
Please Read Etiquette

Chaba's Info: 
Rates: $160/45Mins

Contact Chaba:

(312) 590-7650

Email Chaba:

Chaba's Reviews:
The Erotic Review

Foxy Address:!chaba/nihdz

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