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kiara ferraz

Forget the butterflies. Come feel the whole zoo when you’re are with me. Wrapped in a total girlfriend experience, where some of your unexpected and unfulfilled desires can be relived? If so, I’m your girl. Excellent Personal and Oral Hygiene is expected and essential to me. Take the proper steps to prepare prior to our date. Be freshly showered and well-groomed. If you are coming to my place, please feel free to use my shower and my mouthwash. Or I will not give my full experience.

Kiara Ferraz 1
Kiara Ferraz Miami 1
Kiara Ferraz Miami
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Kiara Ferraz



Before Contacting Kiara:
Please Read Etiquette


Kiara's Info:

Rates:  $500/30MIN



Contact Kiara:


Contact Kiara:

(305) 200-2451


Kiara's Reviews:

The Erotic Review


Foxy Address:

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