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I am from Europe - a sexy, cute, and well-educated lady who will fulfill your fantasies with a passion that is uniquely suited to you, the distinguished gentleman. I am a genuine person who is warm, honest, intelligent, and very funny. I always aim to provide a unique experience. You will find my ebullient persona and brilliant mind quite intoxicating, palatably sweet, yet passionate in nature. I am a connoisseur of all things pleasurable, cashmere sweaters and silky lingerie are just a few of my favorite things. I long for evenings full of ornate dinners and menus of robust wines. I yearn for a gentleman who can match my buoyant personality and who I may intellectually intertwine with. My aspirations are not to seek out superficial encounters but to form exact parallels between you and me. I aim to fill any uninhabited part of you with the most suitable and authentic part of me.

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Before Contacting Lana:
Please Read Etiquette


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Rates:  $400/30MIN





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(818) 839-9761


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