All American Ivy Phi Beta Kappa Beauty Ivy educated BA & MA, Phi Beta Kappa, .....a student of mankind and a lover of art, and especially of men! Your highly educated muse. I am an explorer with never ending curiosity & thirst for new discoveries. Velazquez or Helmut Newton, Bartolome Mitre or the Pompeii frescoes, Margaret Bourke-White, Andy Warhol or Cindy Sherman…..the musings of a master dreamer are the thoughts running through my head as I write this. A Schiele and a Klimpt side-by-side. Make of me what you will, I’ve learned that an advanced degree in Sociology does not the hearts of corporate recruiters set aflame, perhaps their loins, but not but my LinkedIn, perhaps their lust but never their personal checkbooks...

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I have slept for days under a jungle canopy, communed with nature, lain with primitive peoples and with wealthy ones as well. I could ramble on about the Bari and their belief that every woman should couple with multiple mates to ensure the offspring are well looked after, or describe the polyamorous practices in upstate New York in the 1980’s. Another Ivy graduate, especially if she’s caucasian, 5’9” with blue eyes doesn’t excite fires in the HR offices of today’s academy either. Hence I, like the Bari, need more. I have a job about which I’m not ecstatic, so I travel when I can….I am stimulating on topics as wide ranging as the sex habits of the Tanaras or the mating patterns of university grad students…..which at 29 I thankfully am no longer. Think of me as Fleabag’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge ie edgy, occasionally sarcastic, funny, sexually insane and always fun. I’m an Athenian woman right around the nearest corner and always up for a Yankees game.