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Imagine...your very own playboy bunny...a leggy brunette, draped over the hood of your shiny red Indy car, waiting eagerly for your arrival with an ice-cold lager wrapped in her svelte fingers... you grace her with your irresistible presence as she laughs at your every joke... swooning over the twinkle in your eye, finding you incredibly handsome in every feasible way. Her hands massage your rugged skin as you indulge her in tales of your adventures... planting your face headfirst into the snow of Mt. Everest...splashing in near-freezing torrents in the rapids of the Congo River, braving the sweltering heat of the Amazon rainforest. Despite everything, your professional success far eclipses your athletic pursuits. You’re a caveman and an enigma all wrapped in one. She's the Desdemona to your Othello...she devours up your discourse with a greedy ear. Her innocence exquisitely compliments your power, nobility, and’re on the hunt for your next conquest…until then…

Lily Adalene 2
Lily Adalene 4
Lily Adalene 5
Lily Adalene 1
Lily Adalene 3

Before Contacting Lily:
Please Read Etiquette


Lily's Info: 
Rates:  $750/ HR


           $1100/2HR (min for new clients)




Contact Lily:


Agency Website:


Agency on Social Media:


Home City: LA

Tours: San Diego - San Francisco - Silicon Valley - New Port Beach -  NYC​


Foxy Address:

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