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There are very few girls that can compare to Mia Valentine.  Her beauty is unparalleled, she has an amazing body, beautiful face and all of that is wrapped in sexiness ...Mia takes my hand and leads me to her living room, and I am at this point done in lust with this woman's everything! ... The fact that she walks slow putting her left foot in front of her right, her hips swaying from left to right ... She looks back at me and smiles .... I pinch myself in disbelief ... is this a dream? ... is this heaven? ... no it's real and it's Mia Valentine and all of her sexiness.


Before Contacting Mia Valentine:
Please Read Etiquette

Mia's Info:

Rates:  $500/HR

Contact Mia:

(646) 934-2177


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The Erotic Review

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