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Would absolutely happy to see and find new friends around a country. I’m well traveled, well educated and well mannered lady you’ve been dreamed about ! I always aim to provide a uniсe experience that will be unforgettable, and I am sure you will enjoy spending time with me. My eyes are sparkling, my smile is electric, and I'm going to use them to captivate you. Cheerful, polite, and confidential, maximum respect for privacy. I am an artist and find inspiration in the whimsical and humorous. I bring that same intention to my relationships and believe in creating encounters that endure in our psyche long after the fact. Intrigue and excitement deserve sensation daily, not just on special occasions; it is that mischievous little thing we hold inside with a wink and a smile that lights a spark deep from within. I promise you that I will not waste your time with me, and I am proud to provide you with a unique experience every time.

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Stephanie Banks
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Rates:  $700/HR






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