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Truly a Rare Gem Companion ,Naughty, Kinky and with DDs, Don't Walk, Run to Me Baby!

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Before Contacting Yara:
Please Read Etiquette


Yara's Info: 
Rates:  $450/HR


Contact Yara:

(305) 565-3919


Contact Yara: 


Yara's Reviews:

The Erotic Review

Foxy Address:

I have a soft-spoken voice with a slight southern accent. I’m open-minded, an optimist, and can share a martini with anyone. I have high cheekbones, incredibly smooth skin, a bright smile, and a well-built body that will drive you crazy. I’m a lover of learning, detail-oriented, and I love a good list.​​ Working as a companion has allowed me to live my life to the fullest in so many ways. It’s given me the opportunity to pursue my education and career goals in a way no other work could have. Plus, being able to mix my love of fine dining and travel with the joy of meeting new people is thrilling. Seeing things through my friends’ eyes has me falling in love with New York City over and over again. The people I meet and the experiences we’ve shared have enriched my life more than I could have thought possible. I’m a tour guide with benefits. I think we’ll be fast friends. You will find everything easy and entrancing from start to finish- until we simply start again. Even now, a cloak of anticipation lays itself upon you. You can feel it around you starting to make its way in. It won’t leave… not until you satisfy the rest of your senses too. When we email your anticipation will mount. When you first look into my eyes, noticing the twinkles as I smile at you, it will electrify. Luckily, by that point, you won’t have to wait much longer. Come fly with me...​Head over to my contact page, and tell me about yourself. What are your plans for our time together? I’ll respond as quickly as possible. We can get right into talking about the amazing date we’re planning. When we meet, we can bond over our love of dogs or our hatred of Times Square – because you hate it too, right? I’m looking forward to meeting you soon

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