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anna leigh

Good day gentlemen! I cant wait to hear so much about you when we meet but it’s only fair if I tell you about myself first! My name is Anna Leigh and I was born and raised in Europe. I remember, as a young girl growing up,  I had this intense fascination for America and I really have come to love NYC! Its people, its action, its diversity, its vim and vigor…every last bit of it just so appeals to me! It is relentless and confident yet proud and reassuring. I confess to my delight at being privileged to sample as many of Gotham’s pleasures as my studies permit. Scholastically, I have a concentration in Economics and a minor in European history, which have helped me achieve the distinction and honor of Summa Cum Laude at the youthful age of 21. Working hard and keeping focused has worked well for me so far, but my journey through academia is far from over. Physically, my suitors have described me as “stunning” and a “unicorn.”Being healthy as best I can, by eating well and exercising daily, these activities have allowed me to achieve and keep my incredible female form, something that you can plainly see in all of my photos. For those of you more stats driven, I am in my mid 20’s, 5‘ 4 tall and weigh a perfectly toned 120 lbs. My long cascading locks of light brown hair, my porcelain skin, big blue eyes, large, natural rosy lips and a smile that will brighten your day, are just some of the features of my all too cute face. 

Anna Leigh
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Rates:  $700/HR Incall


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Contact Anna:

(646) 492-0237


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