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I’m petite, fun and bubbly and enjoy a variety of hobbies/interests. I have an educational background in accounting, and I also studied other subjects such as Spanish, theater, criminal justice and business law. My true passion in life is fitness and nutrition, and I am currently pursuing personal training certification as well as a degree in nutrition. I love making others feel beautiful, and the health aspect of this dream drives my passion even further. I have a various amount of interests including baking, running, CrossFit, ballet, fine dining, champagne and travel. I began baking at a very young age, and my favorite things to bake are french macaróns and cupcakes. I’m also a fitness enthusiast and workout on a daily basis. The euphoria from running and other exercises I enjoy is an absolute joy. I’m also a foodie and love the experience of fine dining. Enjoying this experience with someone else makes it even better; enlighten me on new cuisines and fancy champagnes, and I’ll immediately fall in love. 


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Rates: $700-$800/HR




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(704) 753-7677


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