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Superb, sublime, and sexy...Cassy. A gentleman once told me that there is a broad divide between those who live life deliberately and with excellence and those who live in the background, between a woman with beauty, wit, and style and the fair to middling, and between the woman who can make your heart flutter and one that merely passes muster. I understand that the discerning gentlemen knows that the one he seeks is beyond measure -- a testament to his own style, success, and brilliance. When you are with me, I deliver that rare gem of excellence. A long-legged, fit and toned sultry brunette, I light up the room with my smile and light your fire with my passion. I will endure in your memory as the girl you can't do without. I am 100% all natural with no tattoos or piercing.

Cassey 2
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Rates:  $1000/HR

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