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Ok Gens, try handling this!.... Wait let me rephrase ... if you like adventure or if you are like me and you love adventure...take a look at what we have found for you. This is a feast of lust. Jordyn and Junior come as a package for that ultimate date night... That unforgettable night.  Jordyn is a hot babe with super blonde hair and a sexy attitude and Junior is a handsome guy eager and ready to play. If you want to live out a dream.... This couple is all you'll need and much more!  

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Jordyn and Junior's Information:


Before Contacting Jordyn/Junior:
Please Read Etiquette

Jordyn/Junior's Info: 
Rates: $400/HR


Contact Jordyn/Junior:

(702) 904-4761


Email Jordyn/Junior:

Jordyn/Junior's Website:


Jordyn/Junior's Reviews
The Erotic Review

Foxy Address:

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