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mimi bond

Oh, you’re interested in me? Me? Mimi? I’m a ball of energy. Some say I have a lot of personality, some say too much personality. I’ll let you be the judge. I’m a realist at heart, a fantasist by vocation. I’m both a tomboy and a princess (yes, simultaneously). I’m petite, with natural large ta-tas. My face is pretty (trust me I don’t look like a blurred out blob). Perky, blue eyes with dark Welsh eyebrows, a dimply smile, virgin skin (no tattoos or piercings), and dirty blonde hair (like my mind). After 14 awkward pimply years, I made a deal with the devil granting me a perfect figure and face I desire not to augment (yet). I think I still have my soul, but this devil guy is checking back with me after 50 years. We’ll see how that goes!

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$1200/HR Virtual Call


            $4000/3HR Prefered 



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The Erotic Review


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