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Beautiful perfection. Mind and Feet is a total delight with her sexy body, magical hands and pretty little feet. She has a great personality and looks perfect in her little dress. If it helps, Mind and Feet has the sweetest smile. Don't live with wishes or regrets... go see this hot babe before it's too late. "My massage style combines firm pressure for the backside aimed at muscles releasing through the power of touch (including neck, back, and legs) and a soft meditative touch of the front designed to awaken the senses and improve your mental wellness."

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Before Contacting Mind & Feet:
Please Read Etiquette


Mind & Feet's Info: 
Rates:  $220/HR 

Contact Mind & Feet:

(209) 448-0410


Mind & Feet's Reviews:

The Erotic Review


Foxy Address:

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