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Tina is a star, a beautiful one. So you like beautiful girls? I do too .... But every now and then we have a gem on our hands and it's not the easiest thing in the world to decribe in words how hot, seductive and sexy a babe is. That's why we have photos, here are a few pictures of the beautiful Tina Star. Super hot babe with a sexy twist and a matching sexy little body. 

Tina - Enchante20.1
Tina - Enchante16
Tina - Enchante17
Tina - Enchante19
Tina - Enchante15
Tina - Enchante12
Tina - Enchante10
Tina - Enchante11.1
Tina - Enchante2
Tina - Enchante3
Tina - Enchante5.1
Tina - Enchante1
tina star
tina star 2
tin star5
tina star 3

Before Contacting Tina:
Please Read Etiquette

Tina's Info: 
Rates:  $250/HR

Contact Tina:

(954) 822-7871

Email Tina:


Tina's Website:


Tina's Reviews:
The Erotic Review

Foxy Address:!tinastar/wj2o5

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