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Hi Loves! I am Zoe! Thanks so much for visiting my page to learn more about me! Many have told me I am a unique mix of sophistication, grace, glamour and sexiness. That makes me blush! I do take great pride in dressing up nicely, taking good care of my body, mind and soul, and I consider myself to be a giving, affectionate and unselfish person. Is that someone you’d like to meet? Well then, you’re at the right place! I enjoy the company of kind, respectful gentlemen and their adherence to cleanliness and superb hygiene are EXTREMELY important to me. This will be a recurring theme as we correspond – I kindly will require your attention to your personal grooming and cleanliness in preparation for our magical encounters. I truly enjoy my sensual side and the opportunity to both establish and maintain a mutually indulgent connection with those whom I have the pleasure of meeting along the way. Please take a look at my photos, and you’ll get a good representation of whom you will meet in person. I do enjoy modeling and I will always show up for you ready and as presentable as you see me in my photos.

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Zoe New NYC



Before Contacting Zoe:
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Rates:  $400/HR


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